How to Use jInbound Lead Map Geomapping

jInbound's Lead Map displays a geolocation of every visitor and lead of a landing page your created with jInbound.

The Lead Map Legend

A visitor is just a person who viewed a landing page. The Lead Map legend marks them with the Guest status.

A lead is a person who viewed a landing page and then filled and sent its form. The Lead Map legend marks them with the Lead status.

01 lead map with ip addresses

How the Lead Map Works

jInbound Lead Map works based on:

  1. MaxMind databaseno maxmind db found
  2. Google Maps.

How to Set the Lead Map

  • Click on the Click here link:

click here

You will see the "No trackable locations found ..." message:

no trackable locations found message

There you have it. Your jInbound Lead Map is now ready. 

Once you publish a jInbound landing page, the Lead Map will start displaying geolocations of the landing page guests and leads.