Managing forms with the jInbound Forms Manager

The jInbound Forms Manager lets you create predefined forms for use in your landing pages.

A single form can be independently used in different landing pages and campaigns.

Creating (or editing) a jInbound form

After creating fields in the Fields Manager you can add the fields to any landing page forms you may wish to create for your inbound marketing campaigns.

  1. Log into the Joomla Administrator and select Components - jInbound - Forms from the main menu
  2. Select New (or Edit)
  3. Provide a Title for the form, the form's Title may be displayed on the Landing Page
  4. The fields with the lock icons are default fields require on all forms
  5. To include other fields simply select the checkbox for the field(s)
  6. you can use the up and down arrow keys to change the order in which the fields are displayed
  7. Make sure to select the Published state so that the form can be used and Save the form

Using a form in a Landing Page

  1. In the Landing Page manager create (or edit) the Landing page in which you want to use the form.
  2. Select the Forms Tab - select the form you have created in the Form field