Use Joomla! Template overrides to customize jInbound Landing pages

Note: using template override, the changes you make in those files will be applied on all your landing pages. if you want to customize differently your landing pages, then you may want to use jInbound custom layout feature, you can read more about that here.

This is an advanced topic for developers, these methods are supported by the Joomla CMS but are not supported by our technical support. In case there are problems, we may ask you to remove the overrides during troubleshooting.

jInbound also allows you to customize landing page layout using joomla template override. Here are the views that can be customized using joomla template override:

  • default.php
  • default_body.php
  • default_form.php
  • default_form_close.php
  • default_form_field.php
  • default_form_open.php
  • default_form_submit.php
  • default_image.php
  • default_layout.php
  • default_layout_a.php
  • default_layout_b.php
  • default_layout_c.php
  • default_layout_custom
  • default_layout_d.php
  • default_sidebar.php
  • default_social.php

All this views files can be found in this folder:


Lets say you want to customize one of those views, to do that, simply copy that view file you want to customize in this folder:


After you copied the file on that folder, you can start editing that file you've just copied and apply the customizations you want.