Pro Features of OSWistia

These features are exclusive to OSWistia Pro version.

To access, go to Extensions > Plugin manager > Content - OSWistia Pro and customize the elements for the video player.

  1. Fullscreen button. Display the fullscreen button
  2. Playbar. Enable the playbar
  3. Small play button. Display the small play button in the playbar
  4. Autoplay. Play video automatically
  5. Volume control. Display the volume control
  6. Custom volume. Set a value between 1 and 100
  7. Player preference. Choose between: HTML5, Flash or auto
  8. Player color. Choose the color for the player elements
  9. Resumable. Allow to start playing a video from where you left off.
  10. Captions. If the video include captions, this option will enabled it.
  11. Focus mode. Enable dim the lights effect when a video is playing.
  12. Playback rate. Allow to choose custom video speed.
  13. Playback rate access level. Choose the access level to enable playback rate feature.