How to Translate Shack Search

To translate Shack Search to your language:

  1. Go to /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/
  2. Create in there a new folder, giving it the same name as the name of the tag of your language. For example, the language tag for the French language is fr-FR. So, the folder's name for the French language must be called fr-FR. In this case, you end up with the /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/fr-FR
  3. Go to /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/en-GB and move its English source files to /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/<your-language-folder>
  4. Change the en-GB bit in the names of the files to the tag of your language. For example, in the case of the French language, you will end up with the following three files:
  • /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/fr-FR/fr-FR.lib_allediainstaller.sys.ini
  • /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/fr-FR/fr-FR.mod_shacksearch.ini
  • /modules/mod_shacksearch/language/fr-FR/fr-FR.mod_shacksearch.sys.ini

5. Now translate the bits between the double quotes after the = symbol in those three files and save them.