How to Show Article Titles and Descriptions in Shack Slides

It is possible to automatically pull titles and descriptions from your articles and show them in Shack Slides.

Here are the three steps you need to show article titles and descriptions.

Step #1. Set Joomla articles as the slides source

  • In your Shack Slides module, go to the Slides Sources tab.
  • Select the Joomla Content option for the Slides Source option.

Joomla content as slides source

Step #2. Enable the Title and Description display

  • Still inside your Shack Slides module, go to the Slides Description tab.
  • Make sure that under the Title Options group of settings you set the Show Title parameter to option Yes:

set show title to yes

  • Make sure that under the Description Options group of settings you set the Show Description parameter to option Yes:

set show description to yes

Step #3. Make sure your Joomla articles have images

  • Open your Joomla article for editing.
  • Go to the Publishing tab.
  • Make sure you selected the Intro Image or Full Article Image for your Joomla articles:

select intro image or full article image

Step #4. Configure titles and descriptions display.

Your slides descriptions may not be configured immediately. As you can see in the image above, the description text overlays the slideshow navbar. Don't worry - you can improve how your titles and descriptions look.

Jammed slide description

Option #1. Add the Read More Button

  • Open up your source article and insert the Read More button after a few first sentences:

Source article content with the Read More button

  • Now check your slide description once again. This time it looks much more pleasing:

Slide description improved

Option #2. Move the Navbar 

If you don't wish to trim your slide description text, you can simply move the navbar at the middle of the slide.

  • In your Shack Slides Pro module, go to the Navigation tab
  • Set the Vertical alignment parameter from Bottom to Center:

Move the navbar from bottom to center

Now the slide's description text and the navbar don't overlap anymore. This allows you to put more text in front of the slide viewers:

Navbar at the center

Option #3. Position the Navbar Vertically

Another option is to align the navbar vertically and add some padding to it. 

  1. Go to the Navigation tab
  2. Set the Orientation parameter to Vertical
  3. Set the Horizontal alignment setting to Right
  4. Set the Vertical alignment setting to Center

Navbar vertical right center

  • Check your slideshow at the site front end:

Navbar vertical right center backend