How to Create a Slideshow With Shack Slides and Images

The quickest way to create your slideshow with Shack Slides is to use an image folder as the slideshow source.

In this tutorial, we'll give you a video and a text guide to creating a slideshow.

Video Guide to Shack Slides and Images







Text Guide to Shack Slides and Images

Step #1: Create a folder for images

Your slideshow source folder must be visible in Joomla's Media area.

  • In your Joomla backend, go to Content > Media:

go to content media

  • Click the Create New Folder button:

click create new folder

  1. Enter your folder name into the empty box. For the purpose of this tutorial, I called my folder my_slideshow.
  2. Click Create Folder:

enter your folder name

  • Click on the newly created folder icon:

click on the new folder

  1. Click Upload.
  2. Click Choose Files. Select the source image files on your hard drive.
  3. Click Start Upload:

upload files

  • Click Save & Close.

Good job! You have just created a source folder for your slideshow and uploaded your images in it.

Step #2: Set the folder as the slideshow source

In this step, you will set the newly created folder as the source for your slideshow.

  • Go to Extensions > Modules.
  • Open the Shack Slides Pro module for editing:

open shackslidespro module for editing

  • Click the Slides Sources tab:

click slides sources

  1. Make sure that "Slides Source" is set to the "Folder" option.
  2. Select your new folder under the Folder setting:

select the source folder

  • Assign this module to the required pages under the Menu Assignment tab.
  • Set the module position under the Module tab. For the purpose of this tutorial, I selected the banner position of the Protostar template.
  • Still under the Module tab, scroll down to the Height setting and enter 400 into the setting box.

set the height to 400

Step #3. Set the slides order

In this step, you will set the order in which to display your slide images. There are two parameters to work with: the "Slides Order" and "Order Direction". Let's take a look at them one by one.

  • Still on the "Slides Sources" tab, go to the "Slides Order" parameter and set it to one of the following options:
    • Order: Display images according to the order in which they are stored in their source folder
    • Title: Display images according to their titles
    • Date: Display images according to their creation date
    • Hits: Display images according to the number of their hits
    • Random: Display images randomly:

 set the slide order

  • Go to the "Order Direction" parameter and set it to one of the following options:
    • Ascending (Default)
    • Descending:

set the order direction


  • Click Save & Close.

If you now check your site frontend, you should see your slideshow at work.

final slideshow