The Visionary Extension Is Now Part of Shack Slides

One of our goals at JoomlaShack is to make things simple for you.

We always aim to simplify things for our customers. With this goal in mind, we merged JoomlaShack's Visionary component into Shack Slides. 

Visionary was sold separately to be integrated with Shack Slides to easily upload images. The goal of merging it into Shack Slides was to help make it simpler for you to work with your slideshows.

Shack Slides now includes the same features that made Visionary so popular. 

If you install or update Shack Slides to its latest version 3.1.4, you will notice a significant change in your Joomla control panel. 

How Previous Versions Worked 

Previous versions of Visionary installed the following extensions:

  • "JS Visionary" component
  • "JS Visionary" module
  • "JS Shack Slides" module
  • "JS Visionary Package"
  • "JS Visionary" plugin

Installed by the standalone Visionary pack

And the previous version of Shack Slides installed these extensions:

  • "System - Visionary" plugin
  • "Visionary" module
  • "Joomlashack Framework"
  • "Joomlashack License Key Manager"
  • "Shack Slides Pro" module
  • "Shack Slides Pro" component
  • "System Joomlashack System Plugin" 

Installed with 312 pack

In your "Visionary" installation, in the Components menu you saw the "Visionary" component: 

06 312 displayed shack slides as visionary

How New Versions of Shack Slides Work After Merging with Visionary

Starting from version 3.1.4, Shack Slides Pro will install for you only two extensions:

  • Shack Slides Pro component
  • Shack Slides Pro module

You no longer need to download or install Visionary.

Installed with 314 pack

Now instead of the "Visionary" in your Components menu, you will see "Shack Slides":

07 314 displayed shack slides as shack slides