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Reliable, easy to Install and Maintain to make your life easier

During the first years of the Joomla! project, it used to be that you could not throw a stick in the Joomlaverse without hitting a Free Template. Today however, reliable Free Templates have become scarce and truly hard to find. Most Joomla Template stores either stopped making them, or they've hid them so deep inside their sites that you'll need Indiana Jones to help you find them

We produce Free Templates built on the Wright Framework

We release reliable and cool Free Templates for almost every web design you may need. They are built on the versatile, nimble, and reliable Wright Framework. And thanks to Wright, you will be able to quickly and easily update them into Joomla 3.5. We will not hide them deep in our site either. The Free Templates link will be visible to everyone clearly and easily. Please tune into our site regularly to see our latest release.

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