Ultimate Top 10 Joomla Extensions

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When we speak at events, or do Joomla training, one of the questions we get asked again and again is:

"What are your favorite Joomla extensions?"

There have been lots of people that have tried to answer this question, and its a hard one. One thing that I think makes it hard is the question isn't "what is the best extension?" That sort of question is really focusing on a particular scenario. The questioner perhaps means something like "what is the best comment extension?" The Joomla extension directory has lots of good information about this sort of question at the following pages:

I think what people are really asking are "what are the best extensions that you find yourself using again and again on many sites?"

OK, so lets try and answer that question!

We could give our opinion (and we will), but, with much of my focus recently on community and web 2.0, I am going to ask you all to do a bit of crowd sourcing here.....

You might have heard of UserVoice. Its a great web 2.0 application where people can vote on things. Everyone gets a set number of votes, in this case 10. You guessed it, we are going to ask you to vote on what you think are your "bread and butter" extensions. You can give one extension all your votes, or spread them around.

The only guideline is vote for extensions you "couldn't do without." Also, make sure you search for an extension before you vote, we don't want to dilute votes, and feel free to make enthusiastic comments! If you suggest an extension, try to enter the title as the name of the extension that appears on the extension directory.

You can vote for your top 10 extensions here.

Just to make it a little more fun, here at Joomlashack we are going to give out some prizes. In one month's time, we'll give the #1 extension a $200 prize, and #2 $100. If its a donation-ware type extension we'll donate the money directly to the developer. If its a commercial developer, we'll make the donation to joomla.org in their name.*

Feel free to promote the competition with our handy announcement html

Come on and join in the fun, and here is a glimpse at the current top 3 extensions!

* Donationware vs commercial will be at our discretionary call. If anyone else wants to add some prize money, please contact me at barrie[at]joomlashack.com