The best Joomla Wistia extension

OSWistia Joomla Wistia extension Have you had problems embedding Wistia videos into a Joomla site? OSWistia the fastest and easiest way to use Wistia with Joomla.

OSWistia allows you to embed Wistia videos simply by copying-and-pasting a video ID from Wistia.

Not only is OSWistia easy to use, but it comes with powerful, advanced features. OSWistia Pro allows you to customize the player color, video quality, fullscreen option, light effect, playback speed and much more!

The main Joomla Wistia features

OSWistia Joomla Wistia plugin

Powerful settings

OSWistia has a ton of options for your Joomla Wistia videos, including fullscreen, autoplay, volume control, and more. You can also choose custom colors for the video embed.

Easy to use

To display Wistia videos in your content, you simply paste the Wistia video ID into articles and modules within the {wistia} shortcode.

OSWistia Joomla Wistia settings


Automatic Joomla Wistia video embeds

OSWistia automatically generates the Wistia embed code on the frontend of your site.

You can include the video in Joomla articles simply by using a Wistia tag and the video ID. OSWistia comes with fluid, responsive display for all your Joomla Wistia videos.