Mondrian - The Art of Simplicity in a Free Joomla Template

Mondrian is both a Free and Pro Joomla Template

We are delighted to bring you Mondrian, a simple and stunning Joomla template, in its FREE and PRO versions. In Mondrian you have a cutting edge, eye-catching, clean and smooth design that will impress ANY site visitor.  Whether you need a full blown website or just a landing page, Mondrian is the perfect template for you.

Landing Page Oasis

Mondrian's fluidity and tasteful use of colors lends itself to be the template for the perfect landing page. Mondrian has the potential to create a delightful experience for your page visitors because it allows you to place in only one spot all the information you need, leveraging these features:

    • Screen width: Visually, the site's content is distributed optimally through Mondrian's full width design.

    • Floating menu for ease of navigation: The site visitor will be able to navigate easily within the landing page or through your website at the click of the mouse on the menu located at the right on the page.

    • Color contrast within page sections: Different content can easily be presented and distinguished through the clearly color-separated sections.


Key Features Designed for Website Visitors Enjoyment

    • Striking color palette: Whether you want to present a catchy look or a subdued image, Mondrian's color palette provides 7 different color combinations that range from the traditional & elegant "black-grey-white", to the youthful "neon green-and-blue".

    • Great usability through sharp typography: Anyone who visits a site built with Mondrian WILL have a great reading experience because of its font size, style and contrast with background colors. At the Shack we take care of all usability requirements to ensure that your site meets a world class standard.

    • Versatile module styles & positions: Mondrian provides the perfect sandbox to play with four vertical and horizontal module styles to place any type of content such as pictures, multimedia, and/or just plain text.

    • Behind the scenes: Mondrian is SEO friendly, highly customizable, and easy to update.

    • Includes Quicklauncher: This is a fabulous feature that allows you to install Mondrian with the content that is in the demo--photos, copy, icons, etc.--so you can start creating your site from it and replace it with your own content.


Faster Load Times thanks to LESS, the Wright Framework, and Bootstrap 

Mondrian has been built using a variety of techniques dedicated to optimize the website’s loading speed even if your content is rich in heavyweight imagery.

    • LESS: By using LESS, we were able to reduce Mondrian's CSS code by about 33%, making it a very efficient template. LESS allows us to write CSS in a smarter way by combining functions, mixins, operations and more. LESS enables us to write more concise style information and can reuse things like colors and styles more easily. The result is a faster loading site and one which will be easier to update and maintain.
    • Wright Framework: Mondrian was built on Joomlashack’s Wright framework, which is designed to be light so that your sites load quickly. Proof of this is that other Frameworks are between 3 and 8 times larger to load than Wright.
    • Bootstrap: Bootstrap has been incorporated into the Wright Framework to provide you with a fantastic toolkit to quickly customize Mondrian in a user-friendly way
    • Responsive: A website built on Mondrian will look and work great on any screen size: smart phone, tablet, PC, and laptop.


Try Mondrian for Free Now

Mondrian is here for you!!! Start enjoying it now FREE and upgrade later to our PRO version if you need to!

Mondrian FREE Mondrian PRO


  • Palette of 2 colors
  • 12 module positions
  • No floating menu


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  • Palette of 7 colors
  • 17 module positions
  • Floating menu included (ideal for landing pages)
  • Quicklauncher available


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