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5 Tips to Write Great Blog Posts

Writing a great blog post can be challenging if you've never done it before. That doesn't mean you can't though. You just have to put a little effort into it. Here are some guidelines for you to consider.

1. Be Clear About Your Topic

Writing a great post first starts with choosing a great topic. Address a need, fulfill a purpose, know why you are writing and to whom. When you know the why and who, crafting the message becomes easier.

2. A Good Headline is Vital

Remember to write for your reader, not just a search engine. Make the title something your target reader would find intriguing and relevant to the topic. The goal is to get them reading the content.

3. Don't Flake on Your Intro Paragraphs

A good headline is great for click through, but your opening paragraph will be equally important to keep them reading. Be clear, concise, and engage the reader. Use a conversational tone and don't talk over their head. You can use stories as a great way to engage them, or you can do a simple clean intro like the above, addressing your reader's pain and promising them a solution.

4. Deliver Your Promise

Your content should fulfill any promise you made in your intro. If you promised a solution to a problem, deliver one. If you promised the reader they will get a chuckle, give them something to laugh about. Don't leave them hanging with anything less than what you promised them.

5. Make It Pretty

Writing a great blog post isn't just about the words you write but also how it's presented. Break your content into small, easy to read paragraphs with plenty of white space.

Use subheads where appropriate for scanners, include images if they will strengthen your message, quote blocks around content you want highlighted, and ultimately, always, always, keep your reader first and foremost in mind.



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