OSMap Version 3.0 is Available

osmapOne week after the first release of OSMap, we're pleased to release a round of bug-fixes and improvements.

One big change is that we updated OSMap's version number to 3.0. This marks a clean break from XMap and its numbering scheme.

We've also made several visual changes to improve the admin interface and several of the core plugins (especially Kunena) have been improved.

Here's an overview of the major changes in OSMap 3.0 ...

Improvement #1. Admin area styling

One of our first goals with OSMap has been to improve the interface.

Originally the admin area was fairly messy with mixed-up columns, unclear heading titles and too much data. We've started work on standardizing the interface. You can expect more improvements in weeks to come.

osmap ui

Improvement #2. Migrating from Xmap

We fixed some bugs with the import from Xmap. Now if you install OSMap to a site where XMap is already installed, you'll see a big button saying "Import XMap data".

xmap import

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