OSMap is Here: The New, Free Joomla Sitemap

  • osmapDo you need a sitemap to successfully optimize your Joomla site for Google?
  • Do you want your sitemap to be reliable, free and supported by an expert team? 

If you answered yes to either question, then you're in the right place: today we released OSMap.

OSMap is the new, free and powerful way to build sitemaps for Joomla.

OSMap is really easy to use

OSMap is designed to be very easy. It automatically creates a sitemap for you with all your menu links included. OSMap also automatically enables all useful plugins after installation.

We made these changes so it's as easy as possible for you to get your first sitemap.

Moving from Xmap?

It is really easy to move from Xmap.

We preserved 100% compatibility with Xmap plugins. You can use OSMap with any Xmap plugin.

We've also added an import feature. If you have Xmap installed, you'll see a button that says "Import from Xmap". Click that button and we'll automatically import your data.

All you will need to do is change the sitemap URLs that you have submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.

Changes to the OSMap code

OSMap started with the current Xmap framework, but already we've implemented major changes:

  • The extension had a deep rebranding to move from Xmap to OSMap (including some variables and classes in the code).
  • The repository structure changed, with the base code moving to the /src folder.
  • We added an update server so that it's much easier for users to get the latest version.

What comes next?

Our next steps will be to clean up the user interface to match Joomla 3 and to do a round of bug-fixing.

Once that is done, we aim to integrate OSMap more closely with OSMeta so that it's really easy to include or exclude pages from Google's search results. 

We also want to improve the OSMap plugins so that OSMap integrates successfully with more major extensions.

Free and Pro Versions

First, the OSMap cire will always remain free and powerful.

Yes, there is a Pro version of OSMap - at the moment there are no Pro features, but if you get a Pro license you'll soon get extra features and you'll be helping to accelerate development.

Want to get involved?

Go OSMap!

Video introduction to OSMap