I'm So Very Happy With the New OSMeta

osmetaAbout a year ago we ran into a serious SEO problem at OSTraining.com.

We had 1000's of articles and menu links. We had too much content and trying to manage the search engine titles and descriptions was becoming an impossible task. I needed to open and edit each article individually.

So, we set out to build OSMeta. Finally, after a year of effort, OSMeta is what I hoped it would be.

It truly is the easiest way to add metadata to Joomla.

We've just released OSMeta 1.2 with a ton of improvements. Here's what's new:

New Feature: Character Counters

As you probably know, there's a limit to the number of character that you show in search results.

We added a character counter to both the title and the description fields. The title field will show a warning if you go over 70 characters, and the description field will show a warning if you go over 160 characters:

I'm So Very Happy With the New OSMeta

New Feature: Edit the Alias

We've completely removed the keywords option from OSMeta because Google has said for 5 years now that keywords are not used in web rankings.

Instead we added an "Alias" field, because your URLs still are a valuable ranking factor. This "Alias" field makes it really easy to go through your whole site and create clean aliases:

New Feature: Metadata for Menu Items

This one of the most requested features for OSMeta. You can now add metadata to menu items.

Remember the days of convoluted workarounds using Browser Page Titles? No more. With OSMeta you can easily add metadata to your menu items, as easily as you can for articles.

New Feature: A More Powerful Filter

We also added a more powerful search filter to OSMeta. Previously a search would only bring up results from the article title. Now the filter also searches your metadata and aliases.

New Feature: A Logo

Well, this part isn't as useful as the others, but we thought that such a mature set of improvements demanded a new look.

OSMeta is now brilliant. Trust me. You should try it.

OSMeta is finally what I hoped it would be a year ago.

I've spend a few hours last week cleaning up all the metadata on OSTraining. It was so much easier thanks to OSMeta.

Is OSMeta perfect? No, there's still areas we need to improve.

But will make your Joomla SEO life much easier? Yes. Give it a try today.

If you want to support development and get K2 integration, why not get OSMeta Pro for only $15?