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Not the First, but certainly the best Single Scrolling Page Joomla Template


N6, is not the World's First Single Scrolling Page Joomla Template*

* We apologize for the original sensationalist headline as we we've been duly informed that we were not the first. This is the best, and most reliable, though, because it's the first built on the Wright Framework.

Whew! The 6-in-6 Challenge is over, and we almost did not make it. The Single Scrolling Page quality of N6 was something very different and difficult to get right, and as you already know, we don't release something that we do not feel 100% proud of. It was also difficult to create a demo that could show you just what N6 can do for you. That is the reason for the 2 week delay, but the result is worth it. 

Single Scrolling Page Option

It is not often that a new Joomla Template comes along and provides a creative web developer with a new way of displaying a website's content. N6 does just that. As the world's first single scrolling page Joomla Template, N6 allows the site's content to be displayed in a linear, and continuous train of thought. Imagine being able to share the content of your site as a story-line starting with an introduction, developing the story into a main body, and finishing with a conclusion, each section possibly with a different call to action

12 Colors

N6 comes with 12 color options to choose from to give your template it's own style and unique look.  We've created 8 soft neutral colored themes that will be able to work well with almost any brand's image. For those who need absolute color neutrality in the backgrounds, we also created a striking black and a white theme as well as two different shades of grey. Try them, please, and as you do, imagine what a small splash of color, call-to-action would look like.

The template's functionality was designed to allow you to use one color, or use different colors on various pages of your site for some variety (as seen in the demo). This is practical for being able color-coordinate the different chapters of the site's content.

Fixed and Fuid Width

There are some images and stories that just need a lot of space to tell. In order to give you the most versatility, we created N6 so that it gives you, the designer, the option to have a full width flexible layout, or a fixed width layout at 960px wide.

Standardized Image Color Filtering

N6 allows you the designer, to control the way the site's images are displayed using an automatic image color filter.  This image "standardizer" helps keep the homogeneous look to the site and will apply the particular color of the template as a filter to the images.  The filter may be turned off selectively for a particular image you may want to draw the most attention to.

N6 joins Oficina, Joy, Studio, Cube, Simpletech and Ilumina as part of the fantastic 6 Joomla 2.5 Templates we launched in 6 weeks.

Please take a look at N6's Demo and let us know what you think on our FB Page.   



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