Lifestream 1.1 Released: New support for Flickr, Youtube and Tumblr



Lifestream 1.1 has been officially released (a week ahead of schedule no less)!

Lifestream 1.1 for Joomla integrates your social network feeds and displays them ALL on 1 website!

Version 1.1 adds Flickr, Youtube and Tumblr support to Lifestream for a total of 6 social network integrations so far (Facebook, Twitter and RSS Feeds were included in the initial release of Lifestream two weeks ago)

New customers can get their copy of Lifestream for just $24 here.

Registered customers of Lifestream can now download version 1.1 for free in our downloads shop here.

Don't forget..LinkedIn and plugins will be released in early October. Customers of all previous versions of Lifestream will be able to download these new plugins (plus any future plugins) for free for 6 months after their purchase.

About Lifestream

Imagine the power and convenience of sharing your Flickr pics, YouTube videos, Facebook status updates, Tumblr blog posts, RSS feeds, Twitter tweets and more...all from one website. Cool huh? Lifestream for Joomla now makes that possible!

Lifestream for Joomla lets you...

  • display multiple social network feeds separately or together as an integrated stream
  • display in 3 different views: tab, grid (side-by-side) or integrated
  • set up your streams as a component (front page, for example) or a module (throughout your site, etc)
  • add multiple accounts/users for each social network feed to create even more interesting streams
  • choose between the included Light/Silver or Charcoal/Grey themes..or create your own themes!
  • add custom formatting to each of your streams for infinite style possibilities
  • download updates/fixes and new social network integration plugins for FREE during your 6-month access period
  • get 3 months of FREE access to our amazing customer support team should you need any help
  • and so much more!

$24 / instant download

Visit the Lifestream product page for more in-depth information about Lifestream's exciting features.