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Share it, our new Social Media Joomla Extension


The need for good Share Buttons

Social Media Share buttons are a must for every site and blog. These buttons do a lot more than be able to use social media to engage your users and and help them stay up to date with your company's happenings. They are highly instrumental in helping your site's SEO.

Do Share Buttons have an Impact on your site's SEO?

We've all heard the SEO axiom: Content is King - - and content continues to be important, however many would argue that what people are saying about your content is whats "King" now. In order to get people talking about your site, you are going to need a Social Sharing Plugin. During the last few years our friends at Google have, in their own cryptic manner, admitted that the importance of social share buttons has increased significantly thus improving their popularity in SEO strategies.

The point is: you need to use a reliable and affordable Share Button Joomla Extension in every site you build.

Share it, A New Joomla Extension from a Company you Know and Trust

This new Social Media / Share Button Joomla Extension from Joomlashack, is a reliable plugin for Joomla 2.5 and it is already compatible with Joomla 3.0 coming out in September. The Share it plugin allows web developers to insert an easy to use, reliable, and well supported widget that houses the 3 most popular Share Buttons: Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Regular updates will enable Share it to include many other buttons for other networks - - Pinterest is in the pipeline already.

Optimized to use Facebook's Open Graph - unlike most competitors

Open Graph is Facebook's visual social connections graph. It is a very cool tool available to site owners to help them visualize and learn about their fans, their connections, and everything they care about. Some call Open Graph indispensable for managing your social communication strategy.

Share it, Joomla Extension from Joomlashack. Only $15

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