Attachments become safer with Attach File plugin for Joomla 3.4

more secure attachments

Today we published new releases for both jInbound (version 2.1.1) and the Attach File plugin (version 1.0.3).

Three features of these releases stand out:

1. Compatibility with Joomla 3.4

Before releasing a new version of any jInbound software, we put it through a rigorous testing and quality control workflow.

On Joomla 3.4.1, the latest version of jInbound passed 100% of the tests. We definitely recommend updating to both Joomla 3.4.1 and jInbound 2.1.1. 

2. File Attachments are safer

The Attach File plugin allows you to collect files from your leads when they complete a landing page form.

However, blindly accepting attachments opens a potential security risk if someone attaches a file infected with malware or a virus.

The latest version of the Attach File plugin now gives some — but not complete — protection against this type of exploit. It does this by scanning the file using the UploadShield technology included in Joomla 3.4.

You can read more about UploadShield at

3. File Attachments are unique

In the past, files attached to landing page forms were simply copied to the specified folder on the web server. 

If a file was uploaded with the same name as one that that already existed, the existing file was overwritten and lost forever.

With the latest version of the Attach File plugin, filenames are given a unique suffix when uploaded. 

Thus, there is no chance for data loss.