How to Shorten Weekdays in JCalPro Monthly View

How to Shorten Sunday to Sun in JCalPro Monthly View

One of our customers asked how to switch the weekdays' format in JCal Pro monthly view from Sunday to Sun.

This shorter format will improve the JCal Pro monthly calendar view for small and mobile devices. In this blog post, I'll show you how to achieve this with Joomla Language Override technique.

  • In your Joomla control panel, go to Extensions > Language(s) > Overrides:

go to extensions languages overrides

  • You will be taken to the Languages: Overrides administrative page. Click Select Language & Client and then click English (en-GB) - Site:

select english en-gb site

  • In the top left corner, click New:

click new

  • You will be taken to the Create a New Override screen. Locate the Search box to the right, type in Monday and press Enter on your keyboard:

type in monday

  • You will see Monday displayed in the Search Results section. Click Monday:

click monday

  • You will see right away that the Language String and Text fields got populated with MONDAY and Monday respectively:

monday in the text box

  • Inside the Text box, replace Monday with Mon:

07 replace monday with mon

  • Click Save & New:

click save and new

  • Repeat the same steps for the rest of the weekdays. 
  • Now check your JCal Pro monthly calendar view. You will see the weekdays displayed in the shortened format, as you set them in Joomla Language Overrides screen:

check final results

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