Meet OSDonate Pro, the PayPal Donation Extension for Joomla

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OSDonate is the best PayPal donation extension for Joomla.

Today, we're happy to announce the release of OSDonate Pro!

OSDonate Pro includes extra layout options, and the ability to customize the color of your donation form.

Additionally, we've done a lot of work to improve the admin UI for both the Free and Pro versions of OSDonate.

Updates for the admin UI

  • We updated many parameters to use standard Joomla fields, rather than our own custom selections
  • Parameters are now grouped by Paypal, Layout and Custom text.
  • We added support for Theme styles.


The first OSDonate Pro release

In addition to the optimizations above, we released the first Pro version that includes 3 extra theme styles to make your donation form looks more professional.

Minimal Pro theme style


Source Pro theme style


Setoff Pro theme style


The theme styles are integrated with the Custom color parameter, so you can display the donation form in any color you decide.

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