OSYouTube Free and Pro, Version 3.3.3

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This week we released OSYouTube Free and Pro plug-in versions 3.3.3.

OSYouTube 3.3.3 is a maintenance releases, fixing minor issues.

OSYouTube Pro 3.3.3 adds a new feature: muting videos.

OSYouTube Free version 3.3.3

  • Deals with the badly formed URL query string issue
  • Fixes Joomla core updates for compatibility with future Joomla versions

OSYouTube Pro version 3.3.3

  • Allows muting of video on autoplay (this works for only one video per page)
  • Fixes the badly formed URL query string issue

Check here how the muting feature works.

OSYouTube Pro included in our Civic template

OSYouTube Pro plug-in is now included in our Civic template package out-of-the box. Both the template and the plug-in offer you a ready-made solution if you are looking to build a Joomla website with video as its main focal point. Please have a look at the Civic/OSYouTube combo at work at the demo site.

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