Shacklides: reborn, renewed and reimagined in 2015

Shack Slides v3: Renewed, Reborn, Reimagined

The Shack Slides you and over 10,000 others grew to love is back with great new features and responsiveness. Its traditional ease of use and lightness returns. Check our our demo here.

shack slides v3 demo

What's new in Shack Slides?

Still priced at just $18, Shack Slides will enhance your site and its images with essential cool new features:

  • Amazing CSS3 Effects
  • Flexible layout
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Responsive Ready
  • Touch Ready
  • Incoming text effects
  • Awesome navigation styles

You can easily customize the way it appears. The amount of effects, combined with the flexibility of color and opacity you can use, and the customization of navigation objects as well, will let you do almost anything in your slideshow. All of this features will help you create a more visual impact of your site.

It works on Joomla 2.5, 3.X and supports K2, and Joomla content (so long as these extensions work in the Joomla version).

New features are continously added, so if you have a great idea for the module let us know! We'd like to build a Joomla slideshow module that you need rather than build a module that we think you want.