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Wylia, A Joomla Template Designed to WOW Visitors

Wylia, our newest Joomla template, is here with the sole purpose of wowing your customers with its full-width striking, focal image at the top of the page and a design that comes together and feels just right. The possibilities with Wylia are endless for any business and organization that wants to show-off a portfolio of products. Its sophisticated and cutting-edge visual design allows for any site to have a professional look from day one.

Combining Beauty with Good Usability

  • Flow: Wylia’s white space between sections, graphics and written content makes it easy to navigate and friendly to read. The ability to change the number of columns, and its widths, breaks monotony in a subdued and elegant way.
  • Type: Its default font, Georgia--a typeface especially designed for clarity on the screen—permits a fluid and graceful presentation of content. But if Georgia doesn’t fit your needs, the font can be easily changed given that Wylia has been built on the Wright Framework.
  • Color: One of the most versatile features of Wylia is its color palette, same that provides 3 classic and 3 modern color combinations you can choose from, based on the style and audience you’re trying to reach. Whether you want to present a “Vintage” look or a “Neon” style, Wylia is ready for it.


Faster Load Times thanks to LESS, the Wright Framework, and Bootstrap

Wylia has been built using a variety of techniques dedicated to optimize the website’s loading speed even if your content is rich in heavyweight imagery.

  • LESS: By using LESS, we were able to reduce Wylia’s CSS code by about 33%, making it a very efficient template. LESS allows us to write CSS in a smarter way by combining functions, mixins, operations and more. LESS enables us to write more concise style information and can reuse things like colors and styles more easily. The result is a faster loading site and one which will be easier to update and maintain.
  • Wright Framework: Showtime was built on Joomlashack’s Wright framework, which is designed to be light so that your sites load quickly. Proof of this is that other Frameworks are between 3 and 8 times larger to load than Wright.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap has been incorporated into the Wright Framework to provide you with a fantastic toolkit to quickly customize Wylia in a user-friendly way
  • Responsive: A website built on Wylia will look and work great on any screen size: smart phone, tablet, PC, and laptop.


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