All the Joomla News for April 2024

All the Joomla News for April 2024

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Joomla 5.1 Arrived in April

Joomla 5.1 was released in April. Yann Gomiero wrote an overview of this release which "brings a number of interesting improvements and features for users and developers".
See what's new in Joomla 5.1

Planning for Joomla 5.2 is Starting

Marc Dechèvre and Peter Martin are going to lead the Joomla 5.2 release. I'm delighted to hear this news because they're two excellent developers with deep experience in the Joomla community. Philip Walton interviewed them in the Joomla Magazine.
Learn about Joomla 5.2 planning

Video: How to Paste Content from Microsoft Word into Joomla

Eoin from Square Balloon says, "When pasting from Microsoft Word you might notice that your website starts to look a little odd. Fear not, the solution is pretty simple and is built right into Joomla."
Watch Eoin's video on Microsoft Word

Video: How to Get a Helpful Error Message in Joomla

Tim Davis writes, "If you are stuck with a Joomla site that is broken and you can't get a helpful error message, here's how to get the information you need."
Watch Tim's video on finding errors

Display Multiple Pages Inside Tabs and Sliders

Viviana Menzel wrote a guide to using the Page Break plugin in the Joomla core to organize multiple pages into tabbed or slide layouts. Each tab or slide will show content from a different page.
Read Viviana's page design article

Create A Classified Ads Section in Joomla

Daniel runs TemplateJoomla, which is a great place to find Joomla templates. He wrote a case study on building a classified ads section on a Joomla website.

See Daniel's case study

Tamper-Proof Core Updates for Joomla

David Jardin has been helping with a project to improve the security of Joomla updates. This project is called TUF and it is one of the features that arrived with Joomla 5.1.
Read Daniel's introduction to TUF

Video: Manage All Your Joomla Sites for Free

Rod from OSTraining says: "If you manage more than one Joomla website, you've probably heard of the paid services that can do that for you. They can get expensive! Nick over at Akeeba has created an open-source tool called Panopticon that provides most of what the paid services do - for free."
Watch Rod's video on Panopticon

Video: Create a Joomla Homepage With Only Modules

Tim Davis says, "Here are two ways to create a Joomla homepage which is built with only modules."
Download Tim's video on homepages

Video: JCE Pro features for Uploading Images, Files and Videos

This video from Easy Web Design in Australia demonstrates why they use the Joomla Content Editor plugin to replace the core Media Manager on all their projects.
Watch the JCE video

A New Solution for Frontend Editing

Michael from the Joomlashack community shared this: "I came across this independent Joomla developer doing great work. He offers a few free plugins one of which met a need I had to REALLY simplify the standard Joomla frontend article submission for a very technically nervous client."
See the frontend editing extension