All the Joomla News for Feburary 2024

All the Joomla News for Feburary 2024

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What's Next for Joomla in 2024?

There was a minor release of Joomla 5.0.3 this month. The Joomla team is now on a 6 month release cycle. Joomla 5 was released in October, so we're expecting the next major release in mid-April which will be Joomla 5.1.
The Joomla 5.0.3 release

Analysis of a Joomla and PHP Security Issue

This post is for the very technically-minded amongst you. Stefan Schiller wrote a detailed breakdown of how finding a Joomla security issue lead to finding a bug in PHP itself. Please note: This issue was fixed in Joomla 5.0.3 and can only be triggered by clicking on a specifically targeted link.
Read the security analysis

Joomla Joins the New Open Website Alliance

FOSDEM 2024 is a super large open source developer's conference, with thousands of attendees and over sixty conference rooms. Joomla's president Crystal Dionysopoulos was there, and for a very good reason: together with Drupal, WordPress and Typo3 they launched the Open Website Alliance.
Learn about the Open Website Alliance

Video: How to Set Up DKIM For Sending Emails from Joomla

Google and Yahoo have recently changed their requirements for email senders. They want you to use DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records to verify that you are not a spammer. Tim Davis has a guide to DKIM records and making sure you can safely send email from your domain. He has a similar video for SPF records.

Watch Tim's video

Using Cassiopeia to Design Your Blog

The default template in Joomla 5 is Cassiopeia and we're seeing a lot of people using it for their new site designs. Viviana Menzel wrote a guide to using CSS to create a custom blog layout.
See Viviana's tutorial for Cassiopeia

Joomla 5 eCommerce Options

We've had a few questions from Joomlashack users about eCommerce options in Joomla 5. There has been good progress lately from the three different extensions:

Video: Use StageIt to Test Joomla Site Upgrades

Tim Davis answers a viewer's question and shows how to use the StageIt extension to test his Joomla 4 site on Joomla 5.
Watch Tim test a site upgrade

Joomla Australia is Running a "Reconnect With Joomla" Event in Brisbane

Between March 15 and 17, the Joomla community is holding an event in Brisbane. Joomla enthusiasts and professionals are gathering in person to reconnect with each other after years of online meetings.
The Reconnect With Joomla event

Video: Using Cloudflare Turnstile With Joomla

Tim Davis says, "Google ReCAPTCHA is letting more and more spambots create accounts on my Joomla sites so I have switched to using Cloudflare Turnstile." In this video, he explains how to use Turnstile with your Joomla sites.
Watch Tim's Turnstile video

Joomla Day USA is April 11 to 13

Joomla Day USA is both an in-person event and a live event. It will be held in Nashville, plus also be open for online users. The event will bring together Joomla leaders, experts and enthusiasts from around the world.
Visit the Joomla Day USA website