All the Joomla News for July 2023

All the Joomla News for July 2023

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Joomlashack Products and Joomla 4

Over the last two years, we've been hard at work upgrading Joomlashack products for Joomla 4. Some of the extension updates were done in an afternoon. Some of the biggest extensions took over a year to update. As we learned more about the Joomla 4 update process, we came to decisions about each product. Here is a list of the Joomlashack products which we will continue to develop and support.
Joomlashack and Joomla 4

On August 23rd, Joomla 3 Will be Retired After Eleven Years

Joomla 3.0 was launched on September 27th, 2012. I remember the day clearly as our team was closely involved in almost every step of the launch. Eleven years later, the Joomla team will be officially retiring Joomla 3. It's time to say goodbye to an old friend. If you are staying with Joomla 3, this post has details of extended security support.
Extended Security Support for Joomla 3

Videos on How to Update to Joomla 4

Tim Davis has produced a series of six videos on how to upgrade your Joomla 3 site to Joomla 4 using the MigrateMe 4 plugin. This plugin is commercial, but affordable, and definitely helpful for more complex sites.
See Tim's Joomla 4 upgrade videos

Resize Images on Upload with the Joomla Core

Did you know that Joomla 4 allows you to resize images when they're uploaded to the Media Manager? You can choose a maximum width and height to prevent users from uploading oversized images.
See how to control Joomla 4 image sizes

Video: Hide a Login Link from People Already Logged In to Joomla

Tim Davis says: "People who are already logged into your Joomla site do not need to see a login link or login form. In this video, I show you how to hide those things from people who are logged in."
Watch Tim's video

Suggestions: How Developers Can Update Extensions for Joomla 4

One member of Joomlashack's community asked this question: "Many developers have rebuilt their J3 components for J4, but I can find only basic information about how to re-arrange the file structure and rename the classes. Is there full documentation somewhere on how to build a custom component for J4?" Community remembers responded with some great suggestions.
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How to Use the Articles Related Module

Dan Atrill continues his series on core Joomla 4 modules. In this article, he introduces the "Articles Related" module, which enables you to show related articles below or next to the article your visitor is reading.
Learn about the Articles Related module

The Online Joomla User Group: Website Design Company Owners

We've featured the Website Design Company Owners User Group here before in the newsletter. They've been doing a great job of building an online group with over 20 regular attendees. Hans van der Meer wrote an introduction to the group in the Joomla Magazine.
Read about this online Joomla group

Joomla 5 Continues to Get New Features

Joomla 5 will be available in October as a one-click update from Joomla 4. The Alpha 3 version of Joomla 5 is now available for testing. These features are new since the last alpha:
  • Support
  • A Backward Compatibility Plugin for older code
  • The ability to order links in the Backend Menu
More on Joomla 5 Alpha

Video: Peter Martin Introduces d2 Profiles

d2 Profiles is an extension for Joomla 4 to make it eaier to manage, add and edit your Joomla articles in the administrator area. Peter Martin is the lead developer of d2 Profiles and introduced it in this presentation at Joomla London.
Watch Peter's intro to d2 Profiles

sh404SEF is Being Retired After 18 Years

Yannick Gaultier is retiring his sh404SEF extension after nearly two decades. He shared the history of the project and what comes next for his Joomla extensions.
Read about the future of Yannick's extensions

JoomlaDay D-A-CH is in September

The Joomla communites of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are coming together in September for another JoomlaDay D-A-CH. This year the JoomlaDay will take place in Salzburg, Austria.
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