All the Joomla News for June 2022

All the Joomla News for June 2022

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Shack Forms Import and Export

Shack Forms 5.1 is out. It cleans up all the bugs that were reported after the first release for Joomla 4. There's also a new export and import feature for forms.

See more about importing and exporting Shack Forms

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics Together in Joomla

We've heard from Joomla users who plan to run both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics on their site at the same time. This is a perfectly valid approach, and will make for a smooth handover. In this guide, I'll show you how to run both versions on your site.

Read More about Google Analytics 4 and Joomla

Joomla 4 Extension Development Book

Astrid Guenther's book for Joomla 4 Extension Development is on Amazon. Ignore the bad review (they just didn't like the paper copy), and the Kindle version is only $2.99. It's definitely worth three dollars if you're interested in Joomla 4 development:

Find out more about Astrid's book

Video: Joomla 4 Error Reporting

Tim Davis explains that error reporting has changed in Joomla 4. Tim shows us what has changed and why it is important:

Click here to see Tim's video

Creating a Joomla Spinner in SVG

Dimitris Grammatiko has created a Joomla logo spinner using pure SVG:

This is the kind of thing you might see on a loading screen. Click for more details on CSS animated spinners.

See Dimitris' SVG spinner for Joomla

Common Mistakes in Joomla 4 Plugins

This is one for the developers: Nick from Akeeba talks about writing Joomla 4 plugins. He shows four major mistakes you can make in five lines of code:

Nick's guide to common mistakes and how to avoid them

Joomla Command Line Interface, Part 1

We have two articles this month on the Command-Line Interface (CLI) in Joomla 4. Both are excellent articles by Brendan Hedges. This article starts at the beginning, explains what a CLI is, and goes from there:

Read more about the Joomla 4 CLI

Joomla Command Line Interface, Part 2

Here is the other article from Brendan Hedges: "Joomla 4.1 has an effective command line interface. On a mac its just a couple of commands in terminal to access it on your server."

See Brendan's introduction to the Joomla 4 CLI

Quantum Manager is Ready for Joomla 4

Congrats to Eugene and his team on the release of a really useful Joomla 4 extension: "Meet Quantum Manager 2.0 for both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4! This release comes with extra new features, a lot of improvements and some bug fixes."

More about Quantum Manager 2.0

Question about Language Switchers

This request for advice appears in the Joomlashack Facebook group and got some great answers: "Has anyone used a language switcher extension utilizing Google translate on their site that they like? I was just going to start searching the JED for options, but I'd like feedback on any real world experience using one."

Read the conversation about language switchers

Email Beautifier is Ready for Joomla 4

Congrats to Parth Lawate and Ashwin Date on the release of Email Beautifier for Joomla 4. We use this plugin on Joomlashack and it's very helpful in making the standard system emails look good:

See Parth and Ashwin's introduction to Email Beautifier

Videos: Joomla 4 Introduction

I came across a new YouTube channel called "Kevin's Guides". He has a series of videos that do a good job of introducing Joomla 4 across four videos. It might be a good place to point your Joomla clients or newcomers:

Watch the Joomla 4 Beginner Videos

Joomla 4.3 Will Arrive in August

Joomla 4 is moving ahead. There's a beta version of Joomla 4.3, which is due to be released in August:

Get the beta version of Joomla 4.3

JoomlaDay Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Tickets are on sale now for JoomlaDay Germany / Austria / Switzerland in September. This will be an in-person event:

Visit the website for JoomlaDay DACH

Estimated Reading Time Plugin

Last but not least is a new plugin from Carlos Cámara: "This Joomla! plugin shows the estimated reading time of your articles just below the title and allows you to include a reading progress bar indicating how much of the article the reader has already read."

See the new reading time plugin