All the Joomla News for June 2023

All the Joomla News for June 2023

Thanks for using Joomla and Joomlashack. Every month we post a round-up of news from around the Joomla community.

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Joomlashack Products and Joomla 4

Over the last two years, we've been hard at work upgrading Joomlashack products for Joomla 4. Some of the extension updates were done in an afternoon. Some of the biggest extensions took over a year to update.

As we learned more about the Joomla 4 update process, we came to decisions about each product. Here is a list of the Joomlashack products which we will continue to develop and support.
Joomlashack and Joomla 4

Development Continues on Joomla 5

Joomla 5.0 is due to be released on or about the 17th of October. The Joomla team promise that this will be an upgrade, and it is not a migration. Currently there's an Alpha version of Joomla 5 available. I downloaded and tested the new alpha version of 5. It's good news. There were no problems at all with a wide range of Joomlashack extensions.
More about Joomla 5 Alpha

Learn to Build Joomla 4 Templates

Daniel from TemplateJoomla has organized Kevin Olsen's course on building on Joomla 4 templates. Click to see all the videos presented in one post.
Watch the Joomla 4 template videos

Recommended Template Frameworks for Joomla 4

One Joomlashack community member asked this question: "Which framework/template company is least invasive of Joomla core, and has excellent, clean designs?" Our community replied with lots of helpful answers.
Read the discussion on Joomla 4 templates

New Design Ideas for the Websites

In the May edition of this newsletter, we covered a competition to create a unified design for all the websites. This is scheduled to launch with Joomla 5. There were several different designs submitted. The Joomla team are now working with the designers and will soon make a final choice.
See the new ideas for

Video: Set the Default Language for Your Joomla User Account

Tim Davis says: "Tired of selecting your language every time you log in to work on a Joomla site? So was I until I remembered how to set the default language for my Joomla user account."
Watch Tim's video on default languages

A New Joomla 4 Admin Template

We've featured Kevin Olsen in this newsletter regularly, including earlier in this month's edition. Kevin has a great YouTube channel. Last month he also released a new admin template on Github. It's based off the default template, with a new menu system and a focus on desktop usability.
Download Kevin's admin template

Videos: Batch Assign Modules to a Different Joomla Template Position

Tim Davis says: "Tired of selecting your language every time you log in to work on  a Joomla site? So was I until I remembered How I could Set the Default Language for My Joomla User Account."
Watch Tim's video on assigning modules

End-to-end testing with Joomla and Cypress

Astrid Günther introduces Cypress as an automated testing tool for Joomla. The Joomla core already uses Cypress and she recommends that extension developers use it too.
More on end-to-end testing

Video: How to Create a Master-Slave Database Setup with Joomla

René Kreijveld shows how to change a regular database into a master database and create a slave replica with it. After that, he simulates the master crashing and switches the Joomla site to use the replica.
Watch René's database video

Migrate WordPress Content to Joomla

This last one is a little obscure (the documentation is in Spanish and it uses the command line) but I thought I'd include it because often migrations go in the opposite direction. There is a plugin for Joomla 4 that allows you to migrate articles and categories from WordPress to Joomla 4.
See the WordPress to Joomla migation plugin

JoomlaDay D-A-CH is in September

The Joomla communites of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are coming together in September for another JoomlaDay D-A-CH. This year the JoomlaDay will take place in Salzburg, Austria.
Sign up for JoomlaDay D-A-CH