All the Joomla News for November 2022

All the Joomla News for November 2022

Every month we post a round-up of news from around the Joomla community.

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Planning is Underway for Joomla 4.3

The first version of Joomla 4.3 is out in Alpha with a final release due in April. This post has details of what's already built. It also describes some possible new features for this release:
  • Cookie Manager: out-of-the-box cookie management.
  • SEO for Joomla 4: a set of tools to help improve SEO.
  • Guided Tours: a way to help new users get to know Joomla.
  • Accessibility: improved assistive technology tools.
See the plans for Joomla 4.3

Video: How to Preview Template Positions in Joomla

Tim Davis has a new video and describes it this way: "Toilet Paper = 1" is how I remember the code for previewing module positions in a Joomla site. In this video you will see when you need to use a "?" with the code and when to use a "&"."
Watch Tim's video on template positions

The Joomla Out of the Box Challenge

Crystal Dionysopoulos writes, "In September, I challenged readers to complete a small site based on a fictional brief. The goal was to see how people can approach the same build, only using the features available in core Joomla."
Read about Crystal's challenge

Video: 10 Good Reasons to Choose Joomla Over WordPress

Christopher Mavros says, "I just posted a YouTube video with 10 good reasons to choose Joomla over WordPress, and I think a lot of people in this community may like it and find useful arguments when presenting the advantages of Joomla to their clients."
Watch Christopher's video on choosing Joomla

Video: Is Your Joomla Install Getting Bloated?

Tim Davis says, "Are you finding that the size of your Joomla site is getting bigger and bigger and bigger? This video will show you two tools you can use to look for files or in folders to find unnecessary files that you can remove."
Watch Tim's video on site bloat

The Joomla Community is Moving from Glip to Mattermost

The Joomla team writes, "We all have a new home for our daily communication. We're proud to announce that Joomla has acquired a partnership with another great open-source project. This project is a close fit with our needs and mindset as a free, open software project. We proudly present our shiny new cloud-based solution: Mattermost."
Read about the move to Mattermost

How My Joomla 4 Website Got Hacked

Peter Martin writes, "At a quarter past midnight, just when I went to bed, I decided to check my email ... my brand-new website, with just a few extensions and fully up to date, might have been hacked!"
Read Peter's article on the hack

How to Disable the “Passwordless Login” from Joomla 4

From Michael Russell: "Are you confused by the “Web Authentication” option on the Joomla 4 login screen? Even though the feature is enabled by default on Joomla 4 websites it takes a few seconds to disable it."
See how to disable the login option

Video: Dimitris Grammatikogiannis on Joomla Developer Tools

The TechJoomla team interviewed Dimitris who is the mastermind behind many Javascript features in Joomla. He reviewed some of the existing Joomla (developer) tools, how they contribute to the project's maintenance and how they could, potentially, attract new developers.
Watch the interview with Dimitris

How to Build a Simple Modal Popup for Joomla 4

Michael Russell says, "This article will show you how to create the simple, no-frills modal popup. Most of the CSS already exists in the Cassiopeia template; it just needs a few tweaks."
See how to build a modal window

Matthew Tamin is Back With His YouTube Channel: "Learn Joomla Fast"

Matthew has been posting high-quality Joomla videos for a long time now. He recently took a break, but has just restarted this video. Check out his video back and make sure to subscribe to his channel.
Watch Matthew's return video

Displaying Mastodon Toots on Your Joomla site

Nick Dionysopoulos writes, "With the meteoric rise in popularity of Mastodon, a question has been forming: 'How can I display my toots (posts) timeline on my site?'. You need no third party module, no embed code, and no JavaScript! Everything you need is already included in Joomla itself."
Read Nick's Mastodon advice