All the Joomla News for November 2023

All the Joomla News for November 2023

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Joomlashack is Ready for Joomla 5

If you have been using Joomla 4, it's time to update to Joomla 5. This is a smooth, one-click update for Joomla 4 users. There are no major changes in this version. All Joomlashack extensions are fully compatible with Joomla 5.

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Why Joomla 5 Requires MySQL 8

Joomla 5 sites must use MySQL 8. In this post, Louise Hawkins explains why that requirement is needed. The short version is that MySQL 5.7 is the previous version of MySQL and no longer has official support. MySQL 8 is the new version and has already been out for over five years.
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JandBeyond and Joomla Day USA 2024

JandBeyond was the biggest annual Joomla event in Europe, but has not been held in-person since COVID-19. Thanks to Carlos for catching this news: "Robert Deutz announced a new edition of the JandBeyond event. The event will be held in the German city of Potsdam between May 17 and 19, 2024."

There are also plans for Joomla Day USA next year. The event will be April 11 to 13 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Video: How to Test PHP Updates

Tim Davis has a new video showing how to test new PHP versions for our Joomla sites: "PHP 8.0 has reached its End Of Life. Here's how to test your Joomla site on a higher version of PHP that is still supported."
Watch Tim's video on testing PHP upgrades

20 Videos about Joomla Templates

Daniel from TemplateJoomla has collected the best videos about Joomla 4 / 5 templates: "These videos covers all the topics you could imagine, from the basic to the technical ones, for the beginner to the expert level."
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ReCaptcha Problems on Joomla Sites

Joomlashack community members have been discussing recent problems with Google's ReCaptcha. The first question was "Has anyone else started to see ReCaptcha fail to complete recently on forms such as Joomla user registration?" There were dozens of comments from people seeing the same issue.
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Interview with Crystal, Joomla's President

The Joomla Magazine has a really interesting interview with Joomla's President, Crystal Dionysopoulos: "It's been six months since Crystal started her term as President of Open Source Matters. Time for a mid-term evaluation: what's happening, and what's to expect in the coming months?"
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Video: Speed Up the Time to First Byte

Tim Davis has a new video on accelerating your Joomla sites: "The "Lesson of the 4 Bench Grinders" can help you speed up the time To First Byte (TTFB) of your Joomla site."

Watch Tim's video on Joomla site speed

What are Scheduled Tasks in Joomla 5?

Marc Dechevre writes, "Since version 4.1, Joomla introduced a very interesting new feature called 'Scheduled Tasks'. Even though it has been present for more than two years, every time I exchange with other Joomlers I realize that the majority has overlooked the power of this feature. So the goal of this article is to shed some light on the possibilities at the hand of different examples and use-cases."
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The Benefits of Using Smart Search in Joomla 5

Dan Atrill has a good article outlining all the key features in the Smart Search extension: "What is so smart about this search function is that it indexes all your content, making search very quick. It lists all pages indexed in the component and can record what users have searched for."
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Video: An Introduction to EasyStore

Rod at OSTraining says, "E-Commerce in Joomla has always been tough. Extensions have come and gone and even the ones that seemed to do the basics were difficult to use and implement. Our friends at JoomShaper have just released their new e-commerce extension called EasyStore and it's looking pretty darn good! "
Watch Rod's intro to EasyStore

Fabrik is Coming to Joomla 5

Fabrik is a very useful extension that hasn't yet moved to Joomla 5. Robbie at Fabrik says, "We’re excited to announce that we are in the process of officially moving the Fabrik assets to the new community dev team. We are so happy that Fabrik now has a real direction and plan for Joomla 5 going forward."
See the Fabrik announcement

Video: Dark Mode in Joomla 5

Tim Davis says, "The administrator area of Joomla 5 automatically matches the dark mode settings of your computer. If you wish it wouldn't, you can install this dark mode/light mode switch in the backend of your site!"
Watch Tim's Dark Mode video