All the Joomla News for September 2023

 All the Joomla News for September 2023

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Joomla 5 is Coming in October

Over the last two years, the Joomla community has been working hard on Joomla 4. Joomla is now on a two year release cycle for new versions, so Joomla 5 is coming in October. This will be a one-click update. We've tested all the Joomlashack extensions on Joomla 5 and have seen no problems.
Test the current version of Joomla 5

Joomlashack Will Continue to Support Joomla 3

Joomla 3 support was officially retired by the Joomla team in August 2023. The Joomla community is moving forward with Joomla 4, and soon, Joomla 5. But we still have a good number of Joomlashack customers using Joomla 3. So we will support those Joomla 3 users for at least one more year.
Joomlashack and Joomla 3

Understanding Joomla 5 and the New Release Cycle

Allon Moritz has a really good article explaining the new Joomla release cycle and why we are now seeing Joomla 5. Here are some key lines from Allon: "Keeping a major series like Joomla 3 alive for over 10 years is too much. Developing a new major version like 4.0 for 6 years is too much. Finding the right software process is a difficult task."
Read Allon's post on Joomla 5

What's New in Joomla 5?

This post from Daniel at Web-Eau explains the new features in Joomla 5: "This release brings many code improvements and cleanups, as well as a number of options and new capabilities. In this article I will show you the most important changes." This article is an authorized translation of Wat is nieuw in Joomla 5? written by Jeroen Moolenschot.
See what's new in Joomla 5

Video: Joomla 5 - A Comprehensive First Look and Comparison to Joomla 4

Brett from WebTech has a 15 minute video introduction to Joomla 4: "Join us as we explore the advancements and improvements that set Joomla 5 apart from its predecessor, Joomla 4. "
Watch Brett's video intro to Joomla 5

Rich Snippets in Joomla 5

Shazma Siddiqui introduces a new feature in Joomla 5: "Joomla 5 brings structured data right into the core. Get ready to discover what Rich Snippets are all about and how they can supercharge your website's performance."
Learn about Rich Snippets in Joomla 5

Guided Tours in Joomla 5

Philip Walton says, "One of the main features of Joomla 4.3 was Guided Tours. When you install Joomla 4.3 and log into the administrator area, you are greeted with the ability to “Take a Tour” in the top menu. This has helped many to learn how to use Joomla and understand the functionality of Joomla, but now Guided Tours has had a makeover. Here, we take a deep dive into all that Guided Tours in Joomla 5 has to offer."
Learn about Guided Tours in Joomla 5

redShop is Coming Soon to Joomla 4

Ronni Hansen contacted me this week to say that he's relaunching the redShop eCommerce extension for Joomla 4. Ronni says: "redShop is back on track with an upcoming Joomla 4 version. The company behind redShop and redComponent discontinued their extension some time ago, and made it public on Github for a community to carry on. That left users without updates. I have decided to take on the challenge to get redShop back on track. A lot of work has been done and some left, but it is going the right direction. With the concept that redShop should be a community project, I am searching for other people to help with testing, debugging and developing. redShop is completely free of charge and full of features."
More about redShop on Github

Introducing the Joomla Banner Manager

Yann Gomiero delves into the workings of Joomla 4's Banner Manager component. This is part of the ongoing "Explore the Core" series in the Joomla Magazine.
Read about the Banner Manager

Video: How to Get Better Error Messages in Joomla

Tim Davis says this about his latest video: "If you are asking for help with an error on your Joomla site, or trying to help yourself, here is a way to make sure you are getting the most helpful error messages."
Watch Tim's Video on Error Messages

JoomlaDay Spain is October 5 and 6

The Joomla community in Spain is meeting this weekend in Madrid. They say, "En Madrid vamos a hablar además de copywriting, accesibilidad web, marketing online, redes sociales, diseño y todos esos temas que elevarán tu proyecto web a lo más alto."
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