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Joomla SEO Templates the Right Way

Since 2005, Joomlashack has been creating Joomla templates that are ideal for Search Engine Optimization of a Joomla website. Back in 2006 we wrote the first available guide for SEO for Joomla, and also a guide for creating source ordered templates that's been used by thousands of designers.

Our first SEO templates in 2006 were super-lightweight ones like Simplicity and Lightfast, that the competition took years to catch up with, but over the last few months we have developed a breed of special Joomla templates that provide a rock solid foundation for your site; Inspirion, eBusiness and now JS Community.

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SEO Features

Its easy to make a fast template, you just have to take out all the images, but to make a fast loading template that still looks great and is flexible and easy to customize - that's much harder. Our three SEO-ready templates do this, they feature:

  • Super lightweight code framework - Loads faster
    • Combined image assets with sprites - fewer HTTP requests
    • Compressed core CSS - increases load speed
    • Disable core Mootools - reduces size by 72KB
  • Powerful grid framework - Easy for search engines to read
    • Source ordered content - middle column read first
    • Tableless layout - easier to index content
    • H1/H2 Joomla HTML overrides - replaces non-Google friendly .contentheading
  • Logo image replacement - SEO text read instead of image
  • Pure CSS menus - no javascript indexing problems
  • CSS tab images for menus/buttons - looks better than boring CSS-only tabs

Fast Loading

With speed features such as combined image assets, compressed CSS, lean W3C valid code and optional Mootools loading, these template are lightning quick, around 50KB in size. That's less than 40% of the size of Milkyway and JA Purity, the default Joomla templates!

eBusiness's super lightweight code framework Loads faster

  • Combined image assets with sprites - fewer HTTP requests
  • Compressed core CSS - increases load speed
  • Disable core Mootools - reduces size by 72KB

The example below shows one of the combined images sprites used in the template.

Template Image Asset Sprites

Combined image assets like these also make creating new color sets a snap!

Source Ordering

SEO Source order is simply a layout that places the most important content, your "middle column" or article as close to the beginning of the code/page as possible. Search engines place more value on content that is at the beginning of a page.

Joomlashack has been a leader in source ordered Joomla templates since 2006, when we created the first in the world - Simplicity. Since then other template providers have started to develop source ordered Joomla templates, but Joomlashack has continued to innovate.

JS eBusiness and JS Community feature sophisticated source ordering in combination with flexible layouts. Regardless of what layout you choose, the main column will always appear first in the code.

Source Ordered Layout 1 Source Ordered Layout 2 Source Ordered Layout 3

For each of these layouts, the columns will appear in the code, and to google as:

<!--Start of main content-->
<div class="maincontent">
Main Column
<!--End of Main Content-->
<!--Start of left content-->
<div class="leftcontent">
Left Column
<!--End of Left Content-->
<!--Start of Right content-->
<div class="rightcontent">
Right Column
<!--End of Right Content-->

Using our powerful grid framework, the main code appear much earlier than other templates:

  • Ebusiness = line 60/233 (First 25%)
  • Afterburner = line 132/436 (First 30%)
  • Milkyway = line 270/769 (First 35%)

If you need to make sure you are getting traffic for your website, you need an SEO template from Joomlashack.



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