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In 2 weeks we'll be releasing a new Joomla SEO extension that will revolutionize how you think about SEO and your Joomla website. Its finally going to bury SEO misunderstandings and lift Joomla to its rightful place when people think of Joomla and search engine optimization. 

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1. If you have a website, you need traffic....

This is one of my mantras as I have worked with Joomla for the last 4 years. I have maintained EVERYONE is in the business of SEO.

Over the last 4 years I have also seen allot of misunderstanding about SEO. If you have a website you need traffic, doesn't matter if you are ecommerce, a school or a town library. If you can't get found in Google, how will your stakeholders come to your website?

2. Joomla SEO is not Search Engine Friendly URL's (SEF)

SEF was created years ago when Google couldn't read dynamic URL's. They can now (and have for several years). Now SEF is much more for human readability than search engines, and helping CTR on SERP results.

Using SEF does not mean your site is search engine optimized. I make a whole case about this in my Black Belt Joomla presentation.

3. Wordpress is not better than Joomla

This one annoys the heck out of me. So much so that I ran a test to prove this was a groundless claim, and offered a bounty to anyone that could prove otherwise. I still haven't had any takers.

4. SEO is the other side of the coin to Accessibility

Got traffic? That's nice.

Making it stick is to do with usability and accessibility. If people can't read or use your website, that hard earned traffic is going to bounce right off. Trying to game Google is a fruitless exercise, their propeller heads are smarter than you. Make your site accessible and usable and Google will reward you.

5. Its the Economy Stupid

OK, so it should really be "It's the content stupid".

They say "Content is King" for a reason. The reason is that when you search in Google, it is trying to show you relevant and useful content, not pages stuffed with keywords and ads. Great SEO starts with great copy.


So lets sum up....

  • You need to do SEO...
  • But SEO isn't about Joomla widgets and plugins or SEF...
  • You need strong content that's readable...


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