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You Need to be on YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet only surpassed by Google itself. So if you're not creating videos using YouTube then you're missing out on a marketing opportunity to drive even more traffic to your website.

Many people think that you need to put yourself on camera and talk, which in many cases makes people uneasy in front of the camera. But the truth is you really don't have to be in front of the camera on YouTube in order to be successful. In fact, many marketers and business owners don't put their faces on YouTube.

So how can that be? Quite simply, you can create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and records that as a video using such software as Camtasia or if you are using a Mac computer then ScreenFlow. These software programs simply record what's on your display including recording your presentation.

It's really quite easy to record your presentation using these software programs. Once you've recorded your program you can edit what you've captured and then export that as a movie file which you can upload to YouTube.

Now in order to get traffic to your YouTube video you will need to learn how to optimize your video to get high rankings in YouTube. At Joomlashack in addition to teaching organic SEO you'll actually learn how to get high rankings in YouTube by optimizing your videos.

What are the key aspects of optimizing your YouTube videos is the selection of appropriate keyword phrases. Selecting keyword phrases really is all about researching keyword phrases that people are searching on, determining the search volume, and then balancing that with the number of videos from your competitors to determine if you can actually compete for that specific keyword phrase.

More importantly, in the SEO College, not only will you get high rankings in YouTube but we'll also show you how to get your YouTube videos highly ranked in Google search.

You'll explore how to create and set up a video site map so that your YouTube videos in Google search results when clicked on will bring people directly to your website as opposed to YouTube.



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