Easily See Google Analytics Statistics for Joomla Pages

Google Analytics can tell you how many times users visits different pages on your website.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to enable this feature directly within your Chrome browser. As you browse around your Joomla site, you'll be able to easily see statistics for any page you're viewing.

You need to have an existent Google Analytics account with at least one website already integrated with Google Analytics. For Joomla users, Shack Analytics is a great choice.

Install Page Analytics (by Google) extension

In your Google Chrome browser, go to the Page Analytics (by Google) page, and add the extension.

Joomla - Google Analytics Clicks

Connect to your Google Analytics account

In the top-right corner of your screen, you'll notice the Google Analytics icon. Sign in to connect to your Google Analytics account.

Joomla - Google Analytics Clicks

Once you click in the extension icon again and see "Connected to your Google Analytics" message, you'll be set.

See the click statistics of your website

Visit the website where you integrated Google Analytics. You will notice the Google Analytics icon displays "on" message and a bar in the top displays information about your site such as segments, pageviews, unique pageview,s etc. 

Joomla - Google Analytics Clicks

Navigate your website and click over the percentage values displayed over the links and buttons in order to reveal the number of clicks.

Joomla - Google Analytics Clicks

Tip: by default the statistics for the last month will be displayed, however you can change the date range.

Joomla - Google Analytics Clicks

Page Analytics (by Google) can be turned off by doing click on the icon. This icon works as a toggle to turn on/off.

Joomla - Google Analytics Clicks

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