New Update to Inspirion Joomla Template

Inspirion Joomla TemplateJoomlashack's Inspirion Joomla Template is one of the most innovative templates currently on the market. Its built using the 960 grid, a CSS system that gives you a tableless layout and a fast loading site, great for SEO!

Its one of the first commercial professional templates to validate XHTML Strict. This is a high benchmark to meet, and provides a great foundation to help you site rank in search engines.

On top of that, Inspirion has a full set of core Joomla template overrides. This means that your Joomla 1.5 site will be shown with no tables at all and makes use of semantic headings (h1-h3). I'll give you one guess why that is good!

I think that the Inspirion template might be the best template around for SEO right now. Making sure your template helps your SEO efforts, rather than hurts them, involves lots of factors, tabless layouts, valid code, semantic headings, SEO-friendly logo replacement- Inspirion has it all.

But its not just a boring looking template with a few images. Getting traffic to your site through search engines is just the beginning. You need a professional design that looks great and will give you crediblity to your visitors. That's what helps you convert them into customers. Inspirion comes in 7 sharp color themes, has rich typography options and lots of optional template parameters.

The latest version of Inspirion has just been released at Joomlashack. New features include a collapsible 3 column layout with variable column width. There is also built in styling for the new K2 content component from Joomlaworks.

Joomla templates are fast becoming overloaded with widgets and code bloat. Inspirion is a refreshingly clean template that let's your all important content speak for your site, and not get buried under a distracting template. Built to be SEO optimized and take subtle advantage of Joomla 1.5's template override features, Inspirion will bring a professional finish to your site and help you rank in search engines.

Learn more about Inspirion or buy all seven colors for only $39.95 today!