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Give your website the power of IMPACTO3

We have pushed the bounds of physics to develop the new and improved stain fighting power in Impacto3, now with the power of Wright v3. Harnessing the power of dark matter from the corners of our entropic universe, Impacto3 now fights crime, stains, corruption, stupidity all the while making your whites whiter than ever. * Yes, it's ironic that dark matter be used to make whites whiter - -  we can't explain it.

Impacto3 + Wright v3 - Now a Mobile Ready Joomla Template

Beacause Impacto3 was build using the amazing Wright Framework v3, it is a fully bootstrapped, responsive, and mobile ready Joomla Template. It will automatically adjust to any screen and display size - - whether it's an iPhone or Android, a Galaxy or an iPad, or any of the other me-too devices. Impacto3 does not care that Apple won the lawsuit, it will display sites perfectly on either brand's products.

A Landing Page Joomla Template

You already know how important an effective Landing Page is. The right Landing Page layout can increase your average time on site as well as decrease your bounce rate. And that's why Impacto3 is so... impactful. Impacto3 enables you to build stunning and mobile-ready landing pages using bold, rich typography, preset styles, and customizable layouts that best present your message.

The 6th Product in our 6-in-6 Challenge

We started preparing for this 6-in-6 Challenge back in April and we are proud to finish with with a bang! During the last 6 weeks we launched 3 Joomla Templates: Natural, Corp. and Impacto3; 2 practical Joomla Extensions: Share it and Visionary; and our wonderful bootstrapped and responsive Wright Framework v3.


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* Disclaimer

Impacto3 is a pretty cool responsive, and Mobile-Ready Joomla Template. Sadly, it will not clean stains, fight corruption or stupidity, or make your clothes whiter. It WILL however, make your Joomla-powered sites look awesome on computers as well as Tablets and Mobile Phones. Since no one knows exactly what dark matter is or where it's found, it may contain some. No dark matter was hurt in the making of Impacto3.

Today we had a huge lunch, and in order to properly test Impacto3, we did not have a bathroom break since noon, so we have in fact pushed the bounds of physics while developing Impacto3 - so that part is true.