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Memo a Joomla Template: a Responsive Joomla Pinboard


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy - a New Joomla Template!

We are proud to bring you this awesome new Joomla Template. You may have seen other "Pinterest-Style" templates, but we have worked hard to make this one unique - - we know you'll enjoy it. Stay tuned: we are already working on the next 3 works of art.

The Memo Plugin: Create a Pinboard out of Joomla Articles

Other Pinterest style Joomla Templates allow you to create your "pinboard" using modules, but we were not content with that. The Joomlashack Team put in the extra effort to create added functionality that enables this new Responsive Joomla Template to use regular Joomla articles to populate the pinboard - - see it HERE. The Memo plugin is extremely light thus avoiding innecessary animations.

Also: Create the Pinboard using Joomla Modules

If you want to create a pinboard using modules, you can, as can be seen in the template's home page. This double functionality is unique to Joomlashack's Memo Joomla Template.

Responsive and Fluid Width

Built on the Wright Framework v3, Memo is built on Bootstrap, so it is responsive and as you already know, it will adjust automatically to the device's screen size. However, it is also fluid width because it will adjust, move, and re-size the modules or articles to fit the screen optimally.

Memo Joomla Template is an SEO dream

Imagine being able to place in one single-scrolling page/URL 20-40+ articles each with its own H1 and H2 titles, copy, and links to match? Despite the Penguins and Panda updates, you know that content continues to be king and Memo enables you to place a tremendous amount of content for Google to index. More importantly, it also makes it easy for visitors to your site to survey a large number of titles and articles.

Get Memo Today

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The Joomlashack Joomla Template - a "Strictly Joomla" approach to templates

We build light, non-bloated, and simple to install Joomla Templates. We call them "strictly Joomla" because in most cases you are able to install them using only the Joomla CMS and its built-in features. This is different from our competitors' templates because they require you to install extra plugins, extensions, and usually need a CCK to get it to look like the demo. We realize this is not for everyone and some people want the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to a Joomla template, however, we feel the strictly Joomla is the better approach because:

  • You dont need to install heavy plugins or extensions to make the template work.
  • Our template's low Javascript gives your site the best universal browser results.
  • A light and quick-loading template is good for SEO.
  • Our Templates have little or no overrides, reducing installation, support, upgrade, and maintenance needs: our Joomla 3.0 upgrade was done to all our templates in less than two days. In contrast, some of our competitors still aren't done updating their templates to Joomla 3.0.
  • All these extra plugins and extensions will also need to be maintained and updated with each new Joomla release (every 6 months), as well as made to be compatible with other 3rd party extensions.