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Showtime a New Joomla Template made for featuring images and video

Beautiful Visuals Deserve A Beautiful Website

With this thought in mind, we decided to create Showtime, a Joomla template that allows you to display, classify, and organize a huge amount of visual information. Showtime is the perfect template to showcase great works of photographers, illustrators, videographers, creative people, creative agencies, or freelancers to name a few.

A Feature-rich Joomla Template with 9 Different Color Schemes

    • Modules that enrich your content: Showtime’s layout is staged so that you can add videos, photos, illustrations, calendars, polls, user reviews, and many more elements to complement the site’s content.
    • Styling versatility: You can customize individually each module and make it look the way you want. Background and font colors easily can be changed to have the look-and-feel that better serves your content.
    • Color Schemes: In addition to the traditional white, black and grey backgrounds, you also have 9 different font colors to choose from.

Faster Load Times thanks to LESS, the Wright Framework, and Bootstrap

Showtime has been built using a variety of techniques dedicated to optimize the website’s loading speed even if your content is rich in heavyweight imagery.

    • LESS: By using LESS, we were able to reduce Showtime’s CSS code by about 33%, making it a very efficient template. LESS allows us to write CSS in a smarter way by combining functions, mixins, operations and more. LESS enables us to write more concise style information and can reuse things like colors and styles more easily. The result is a faster loading site and one which will be easier to update and maintain.
    • Wright Framework: Showtime was built on Joomlashack’s Wright framework, which is designed to be light so that your sites load quickly. Proof of this is that other Frameworks are between 3 and 8 times larger to load than Wright.
    • Bootstrap: Bootstrap has been incorporated into the Wright Framework to provide you with a fantastic toolkit to quickly customize Showtime in a user-friendly way.

Last but not least, Showtime is Mobile Ready and Responsive!

Simply put, your website will look and work great on any screen size: smart phone, tablet, PC, and laptop.

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Showtime Joomla Template by Joomlashack