Combine Multiple Joomla User Groups into One Access Level

Create a Single Access Level For Several User Groups

The access control levels (ACL) is one of my favourite features in Joomla.

ACL is an essential feature for sites with many users because it allows you to restrict to access to articles, menu items and more.

One of our members has a site with multiple user groups and they wanted to combine them into a single access level. A good example from OSTraining might be combining Video Members, Personal Members and Pro Members into a single "Members" access level.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make it possible.

The user groups

Before arriving to the main point, let’s define the purpose of this feature. Every user in your site belongs to at least one user group. Registered and Super Users are a couple of default examples.

You can create or edit yours from User > Groups

In my example, I have 3 user groups: Basic, Professional and Premium.

ACL Joomla

The access level

  • Go to Users > Access levels > Add new access level.
  • Create a "Level title". It's good practice to mention the user groups in the name. For example: "Basic, Professional and Premium"
  • Check the user group boxes.
  • Save.
ACL Joomla

The menu item

Create or edit your menu item from Menus > Your menu > Add new menu item

  • In Access, choose the one you just created.
  • Save and close
ACL Joomla

This same feature applies to articles, categories and any extension that support ACL.

When a user from any of those 3 user groups login in the site, the menu item with custom access will be visible.

ACL Joomla