How to Embed Facebook Posts in Joomla

How to Embed Facebook Posts in Joomla

If you use Joomla, then you've had problems with embeds. 

Before the launch of the OSEmbed extension, it was difficult to reliably embed any outside sources into your Joomla articles.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how easy it is to embed Facebook posts into Joomla. The OSEmbed Pro plugin allows you to embed Facebook links in Joomla.

#1. Create a Facebook App

Before you start, please follow this guide and create a Facebook App.

#2. Get the URL of the Facebook post

  • Visit Facebook and find the post you want to embed.
  • Find the URL for the post by clicking on the timestamp, as shown below.

Here are some examples of URLs of Facebook posts:

#3. Add the URL to a Joomla article

  • Go to your Joomla site and login.
  • Add the URL of a Facebook post to your Joomla article. Be careful that this is not an active link. It should only be the URL, not a clickable link.

url of a facebook post pasted inside a joomla article

That embed will work perfectly on the front of your site also:

facebook post embedded frontend

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