How to Embed Flickr Photos in Joomla

How to Embed Flickr Photos in Joomla

If you use Joomla, then you've had problems with embeds.

Before the launch of the OSEmbed extension, it was difficult to reliably embed any outside sources into your Joomla articles.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to embed Flickr photos into Joomla.

Step #1. Install OSEmbed

  • You can download OSEmbed. Choose either the Free or Pro options.
  • Install OSEmbed into your site.
Download OSEmbed for Joomla

Step #2. Get the Flickr photo URL

  • Visit and find the photo you want to embed.
  • Copy the URL of the photo. When you copy a Flickr URL, it will look like this:
    • Birthday cake at jd15de
    • Joomla! Day Boston 2013
    • Dinner after Joomladay 1
Get the URL of a Flickr photo

Step #3. Add the Flickr photo URL to a Joomla article

  • Go to your Joomla site and login.
  • Add the Flickr URL to a Joomla article:
Adding a flickr URL to Joomla

If you have the Pro version of OSEmbed, the URL will automatically be turned into a working Flickr embed! You'll see a preview inside the editor:

A flickr image inside a Joomla article in the admin

That Flickr embed will work perfectly on the front of your site also:

A flickr image inside a Joomla article on the visitor side of a site