How to Add a Home Icon to Joomla Menus

How to Add a Home Icon to Joomla Menus

One of our members asked us this question:

"In some websites, the home menu is just an icon without any text. How can I do this in Joomla?"

The answer is surprisingly simple. Let me show you how to add a Home icon to your Joomla menu.

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Home.
  • Click to edit the Home link and you'll see a screen like this:

Joomla menu screen

  • Click the "Link Type" tab.
  • Set "Add Menu Title" to "No". This will hide the text from the menu.
  • Click "Select" next to "Link Image".

Set a Joomla menu link imnage

  • Either choose the icon you want to use or upload it here.
  • Click "Insert".

Upload a home icon to Joomla

  • Save the menu link.
  • Check the front of your site and the icon will be visible.

You may need to do some cleaning up at this point:

  • You may need to shrink the icon to the right size.
  • If a border is showing on the image, use Chrome Developer Tools to find and fix the border CSS.

A new home icon in Joomla

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