The Joomla Developers Introduce You To Joomla 3.2

joomla-32Joomla 3.2 is now available.

This is one of the most interesting releases that Joomla has ever put out. Important new features include an app store and content versioning. 

The Joomla community had the wonderful idea to get the developers involved to introduce the new features.

Here are 7 interviews with some of Joomla's core developers, explaining the new features in Joomla 3.2.

Content Versioning with Mark Dexter

Content versioning is Joomla's feature for storing, comparing, and reverting content. For example, you can use it to change back to a previous revision of an article if a mistake happens. For more information on Content History, click here and here.


The Joomla Extension Finder with Beat Brunner

This is basically the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) in the administrator area, with one-click installs! Yes, you heard that right, one-click installs. The feature is reminiscent of Google Play and the Apple AppStore. 


Two Factor Authentication with Nicholas Dionysopoulos

This is an optional Joomla security feature. Two Factory Authentication produces an extra temporary security code that is then sent privately to the user (e.g. to their smart phone app) and which allows them to login. This helps to prevent unauthorized login attempts.

Access Control for Modules with Sander Potjer

This allows you to control the permissions for each module on your site.

Multi-lingual Features with Javier Gomez

For those wanting a multi-lingual site, you'll now be able to set one up automatically during Joomla's initial installation saving you precious setup time.

Rapid Application Framework with Nicholas Dionysopoulos

Joomla has a new rapid application development (RAD) framework that sits on top of Joomla. A RAD framework should significantly reduce the amount of time and work developers need to write code with Joomla.

Usability with Beat Brunner

There have been dozens of improvements to the Joomla intefaces to provide a more user-friendly CMS. Two of my favorites are the cleaned up control panel and top menu.