Joomla 3 Sample Data: What Are the Options?

Joomla 3 Sample Data: What Are the Options?

When you install a Joomla site you get a lot of options for sample data. These can be very useful if you are new to Joomla, or setting up a site quickly.

With Joomla, you have 6 different sample data options, and we're going to explain what they all do.

When you get to the final step of the Joomla 3 installation process, you'll see these 6 options:

Joomla sample data options

Joomla Sample Data Option #1: None

This is the simplest of the 6 options. Joomla will be installed with no menu links, no content and no modules.

Joomla Sample Data None

Joomla Sample Data Option #2: Blog English

The Blog option will set your site up in a typical blog format. There will be articles published on the homepage with a read more link underneath. You'll also find several modules in the right-hand column including a list of recent posts, a blog roll, and a list of most popular posts.

Joomla Sample Data Blog English

Joomla Sample Data Option #3: Brochure English

The Brochure option is designed for company website. It installs with a static homepage, plus About Us, News and Contact Us links in the menu.

Joomla Sample Data Brochure English

Joomla Sample Data Option #4: Default English

The Default English option is probably the least useful. There's only a single article and that's published on the homepage. It is very close to simply being the same as Option #1.


Joomla Sample Data Option #5: Learn Joomla English

The Learn Joomla option is the most comprehensive option. There is literally an example for every single extension and template that is installed with Joomla.

Joomla Sample Data Learn Joomla English

Joomla Sample Data Option #6: Test English

The final option, Test English, is designed for people who are helping to test Joomla 3. There are examples of all the layouts and components you might want to test. The homepage is taken up with a detailed article on how to start testing.

Joomla Sample Data Test English