Joomla in the Enterprise with Sears

joomla and searsCory Webb used to run a Joomla design shop, but since last year he's been working for Sears.

His role at Sears is to manage an internal Joomla website for over 1000 Sears associates.

In this video, Cory talks about the server architecture, workflows and user authentication methods used to power this Joomla site.

Some of the tools he talks about include Jenkins CI server, GitHub, JomSocial, Easyblog, and AcyMailing. Cory discusses how a lot of these tools can be used in non-enterprise websites.

About Joomla in the Enterprise

The first five minutes are mostly Cory introducing himself by singing the Frozen soundtrack.

After that, Cory starts to dig into how things run at Sears and talks about these topics and more:

  • How does Sears run Dev / QA / Production environments?
  • What non-Joomla tools make Cory's development life easier?
  • Which Joomla extensions does Sears rely on?
  • What does an enterprise-level development workflow look like?