OSDonate - A Paypal Donate Button for Joomla


OSDonate is a Paypal Donate Button for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.

It's packed with features, it's simple to use, and it even hovers in a fixed position on the page! It's a great choice for anyone who wants their donation button noticed. It is especially useful for someone who wants a full page layout, such as Joomla developers who have a forum and can't put a donate button in a regular module position because of "lack of space".

Click here to download OSDonate.

Main Features

  • Easy to Setup
  • Secure
  • Integrates with Paypal
  • Lots of Options (if needed)
  • Hovers/Floats on page while scrolling! (Optional)
  • Adjustable distances from edge of screen
  • Inserts within Article (Optional)
  • Customizable intro text (Optional)
  • Success return page
  • Cancel return page
  • Company logo within Paypal's Donation Form
  • Customizable Paypal description within Paypal's Donation Form
  • Standard or adjustable donation amount
  • Currency selector
  • Affiliate Program (Optional)
  • Display powered by OsTraining which links to your OsTraining Affiliate ID
  • Use Weblinks for the affiliate link
  • Full language file for easy translation
This tutorial will show you how easy and flexible it is to set up.



Extensions >> Extension Manger >> Browser... >> Upload & Install

Note: for Joomla 1.5 it will be Extensions >> install/uninstall (rather than Extension Manger as shown in the screenshot)

Access the Module Via Module Manager


Extensions >> Module Manger >> OSDonate

Basic Options

  • Open in new window: When the Paypal button is clicked, do you want the Paypal Donate page to open in a new window? 
  • Success return page: After the user has donated at Paypal, to which page do you want the user to return? 
  • Cancel return page: If the user cancels at the Paypal Donate page, to which page do you want the user to return? 
  • Company Logo URL: This logo will appear on the Paypal Donate page. Pretty cool, huh? 
  • Paypal button image: You can leave this as the default. It's the URL to the Paypal Donate image that the user should click on to go to the Paypal Donate form. 
  • Show intro text: Do you want to show an into text? 
  • Intro text: Type your intro text here. You can style it with html if desired. 
  • E-Mail/PayPal ID: Enter yours.  
  • Paypal Description: You can display a custom description in the Paypal Form to the user.  
  • Currencies: Which currencies do you want to allow the user to select? Separate with a comma(,). The first currency will be the default. Check with Paypal to make sure the currency is available. 
  • Paypal language: Select the language in which the Paypal form should appear 
  • Show amount field: Do you want to show the amount? 
  • Amount: Pre-fill the amount if desired. You can leave it blank if desired.

*Module Class Suffix: You can skip this part. This is an advanced feature that comes with almost all modules in Joomla and is generally not needed for this module. See our Module Class Suffix tutorial for more info.

Examples of Basic Options


Sticky options

  • Use sticky hover: Do you want OSDonate to stay in the same position even when the page scrolls? This is an awesome feature to get it noticed! 
  • Horizontal Reference Side: Do you want it to be closer to the right or left? 
  • Horizontal distance: How far in pixels? (*no need to add the px, just use digits) 
  • Vertical Reference Side: Do you want it to be closer to the top or bottom? 
  • Vertical distance: How far in pixels? (*no need to add the px, just use digits) 
  • Font Color: If the default font does not match the template very well, enter the hex value or a valid color name in here.  
  • Width: If the default is too narrow you can make it wider.

Example of Sticky


Affiliate Program

  • Show Powered By: Do you want the "Powered by" link to show under the paypal button? To show our gratitude to our users, we integrated the OSDonate "Powered by" Link with OSTraining.com's affiliate program, in order to attract more customers to our affiliate program. 
  • Affiliate ID: Your OSTraining Affiliate ID 
  • Use Joomla's weblink instead of appending Affiliate ID: If you use Joomla's weblinks component, then you can enter the relative url here. e.g. If the weblink was http://www.ostraining.com/weblinks/joomla/ostraining, just paste joomla/ostraining. This overrules the ID. For our students, the weblinks tutorial is available in session 36.

Benefits of keeping the "Powered By"

  • 40% Commission
  • Low key and unobtrusive
  • An additional way to make money no matter how many people donate.

To sign up, visit OOSTraining.com's affiliate program

Example of Affiliate Link


Configure Module

  • Show Title: Generally set to "No."
  • Position: Usually debug position is the best practice. Note: Some templates do not have a debug position. You can follow the How to Add a Debug Position tutorial to add it if needed. 
  • Published: Published. *In Joomla 1.5 this will be Enabled.*

Menu Assignment: Determine on which pages you want the Paypal donate to appear.



Save and you're done! Preview it, and configure to your liking!

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