OSPositions - Always Show Joomla Module Positions

OSPositionsOSPositions is a simple Joomla plugin that keeps adding tp=1 in your URL so you can view your template's module positions on all pages.

Now you can navigate through your site and see where your module positions are.

This is a dream come true for people building sites that use many modules.

Here's how to use OSPositions ...

Download and Install

Go to our download page and download OSPositions.

  1. Go to Extensions > Extension Manager
  2. Click the upload Package File tab
  3. Choose File
  4. Click Upload & Install

Enable OSPositions

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager
  2. Search for OSPositions
  3. Enable the plugin

Finally, make sure the Preview Module Positions option is enabled (Click here if you need a tutorial for this step).



Now check the front of your website and the module positions should be enabled for every page. You don't have to keep adding the ?tp=1 code to each page.